HS1 Supports Online Safe Spaces

We have extended our support to domestic abuse victims by implementing an Online Safe Spaces service portal across our website.

Developed by Royal Mail Group in collaboration with crisis charity Hestia and their UKSAYSNOMORE campaign, Online Safe Spaces is a virtual portal which can be installed on websites free of charge – providing support, advice and contact services via a pop-up window, and allowing users to access resources discreetly without leaving an online history trace.

The Online Safe Spaces service portal is found at the footer of our website, click the Safe Spaces logo to access an untraceable pop-out page of support and helplines.

Through Women in Rail, HS1 was brought together with early adopters including Network Rail and Southeastern Railway and is now encouraging others across the rail industry to implement the service on their websites.

Since the lockdown began in March 2020, reports of domestic abuse in the UK have increased dramatically, with Refuge reporting on their website a 25 per cent increase in calls and online requests.

Dyan Crowther, HS1.

Dyan Crowther, Chief Executive Officer, HS1 Ltd said: “We are proud to be amongst the first organisations to be driving forward this important initiative in our industry.

“We want to ensure that our stations and the entire passenger journey is a safe environment for those who need it. Through leading by example, I hope we can influence others to take part, support communities and make a greater stand against violence and domestic abuse.”