Wednesday 04 June 2014

HS2 – Impacts on HS1 Ltd and our Customers

HS1 is the UK’s first high speed railway and is one of the world’s leading high speed railway businesses. The success of the services which run on our infrastructure and the growing demand for use of our assets are testament to the successful development of a quality rail product within the UK.

We have been working with High Speed 2 as they seek to develop their proposals for the new railway, to share the lessons learned from the construction and implementation phases of HS1, including on the engagement of communities and sympathetic integration with the environment. We have also been discussing, with High Speed 2, ways to ensure that the work they need to do to deliver the project does not undermine the quality of service which we provide to customers at St Pancras International. HS1 Ltd foresees two specific issues in this regard, which are as follows:

  1. The environment around St Pancras – particularly considering any disruption of access to and from the station e.g. from spoil removal lorries during the digging of the HS2 tunnel from Euston
  2. The HS1 offices at Euston station which will need to be relocated

While both HS1 and HS2 believe that appropriate solutions can be found to mitigate these issues and protect our quality of service, these solutions have not yet been finalised and we have therefore used the formal process of petitioning the Houses of Parliament to ensure that the issues are noted and that solutions are delivered. The petition, which provides a greater level of detail.