Monday 30 October 2017

In Partnership for Britain's Prosperity - Rail companies working together to change railway

On October 30th, at St Pancras International a landmark event took place where train companies, Network Rail and their suppliers came together to launch a single plan for Britains railway. The aim is to work as one railway in partnership.

The plan called ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’ makes four commitments for change in the railway. These commitments include increasing jobs in rail, improving customer satisfaction, boosting local communities and to strengthen the railway’s contribution to the economy.

The event was run by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG). The Chief Executive of RDG, Paul Plummer, said the event “is a landmark coming together. This plan, delivered by a changing partnership railway, will secure the economic benefits from current investment by the public and private sectors, and enable further improvement and investment.

“That’s why today, we are making four commitments for change to safeguard our economic contribution whilst delivering the best deal for taxpayers, to improve services for customers, better connect local communities and secure more jobs in rail. This plan will deliver the railway that the economy, customers and communities need as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.”