Friday 20 July 2018

Four European Rail Infrastructure Managers join forces to deploy ERTMS between London, Paris and Brussels

Michel Boudoussier, Getlink Chief Corporate Officer, Dyan Crowther, HS1 CEO, Patrick Jeantet, SNCF-Réseau President and Luc Lallemand, Infrabel CEO, committed to join forces to coordinate the deployment of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) on their networks at a meeting in Paris on Thursday, 19 July.

The rail triangle between London, Paris and Brussels is one of the busiest international European routes. The deployment of ERTMS will allow improved interoperability and better punctuality whilst avoiding obsolescence of current systems and increasing capacity, all to the highest safety standards.

Deploying ERTMS on this route requires exacting coordination between Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and a synchronised programme of development.

At their meeting, the four IMs committed to a common strategy on ERTMS implementation on the highspeed lines that link London, Paris and Brussels.  Their aim is to share expertise, select a uniform technical system and work to a common deployment schedule.  This cooperation will deliver savings from maximising the economies of scale and an optimised final result, which will benefit operators and ultimately passengers.