St. Pancras International Partners with Living Map to Launch Digital Wayfinding Solution

St. Pancras International, a beacon of connectivity and cultural significance, is proud to announce its collaboration with Living Map, a leading innovator in digital wayfinding technology, to introduce a state-of-the-art digital map for the iconic station. With over 40 million visitors passing through annually, providing seamless navigation is paramount, and this partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing the passenger and shopper experience.

"St. Pancras International has always been committed to delivering exceptional service and convenience to our visitors," said Wendy Spinks, Commercial Director at St. Pancras and HS1 Ltd. "Our partnership with Living Map underscores our dedication to innovation and ensures every visitor can navigate our station with ease. Whether they’re searching for a new addition to their holiday wardrobe, deciding on the perfect restaurant at which to grab lunch, or simply locating the platform for their onward journey, St. Pancras is pleased to be able to continue enhancing the customer experience with the introduction of this progressive technology."

Living Map's digital wayfinding solution offers passengers a dynamic tool to navigate the station's layout effortlessly. With multiple rail operators, underground access routes, retail outlets, and dining establishments all housed under one roof, the digital map provides users with real-time guidance to their desired destinations.

The digital map can be easily accessed via the St. Pancras International website, allowing visitors to take the map with them on their mobile devices, ensuring convenient access throughout their journey.

"We are excited to collaborate with St. Pancras International in transforming the way travellers navigate through this historic station," said Peter Asman, CRO at Living Map. "Our digital map not only simplifies the journey for commuters but also enhances the overall visitor experience, enabling harmonious visits for passengers, shoppers and passers-through."

The launch of the digital map coincides with a significant international sporting event in summer, where it will serve as a valuable tool for spectators, teams, and travellers opting for sustainable rail travel.

The digital map will not only facilitate navigation within the station but also play a crucial role in connecting visitors to the new retail spaces and dining establishments set to open at St. Pancras International in the coming months.

In addition to the digital map for St. Pancras International, Living Map has also recently launched a digital map for the Kings' Cross area, enabling consumers to explore the wider area frictionlessly. This initiative further enhances the traveller experience and supports seamless exploration of the vibrant neighbourhood, including nearby attractions, amenities, and points of interest.

"This partnership with Living Map will further solidify St. Pancras International's position as a premier travel destination and cultural hub," added Wendy Spinks, from St. Pancras International. "Together with Living Map, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for all who pass through our doors."

The digital map can be found on the St. Pancras International website at the following link: Getting Around – St Pancras International | London