HS1 Ltd owns and operates the 109km high-speed rail line between London and the Channel Tunnel known as HS1, as well as the stations along the route: St Pancras International, Stratford International, Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International.

HS1 Ltd actively encourages early and engaged dialogue with potential developers who wish to work above or in the vicinity of the line.

If you are planning any works, we would encourage you to make early contact with HS1 Ltd prior to the initial design and project planning stages to minimise your costs. Ensuring that you understand the relevant conditions and constraints around works adjacent to HS1 should help reduce your construction windows and prevent abortive costs.

To start the process of engagement please email HS1 Ltd. at giving initial details including:

  • Company Name
  • Proposed development site (postcode)
  • Contact Name/Telephone Number/Email
  • Brief description of proposed development
  • Initial timeline for construction

We will get back to you within five working days with a plan showing the alignment of our tunnels within the vicinity of your development site, and the extent of our safeguarding.