Energy use

Energy is a precious resource, so we will seek to minimise our energy use wherever possible. In parallel, we will work to secure sustainable and renewable energy sources for our transport, estates and vehicles.

Our targets

  • Reduce traction per passenger journey by 25% by 2030 (traction energy relates to the energy used to power the trains which will be normalised per passenger for comparison)
  • Reduce traction energy per train journey by 10% by 2030
  • Reduce non-traction energy drawn from the grid by 10% by 2030
  • Reduce non-traction energy consumption per m2 in our estates by 10% by 2030

How we’ll achieve them

We are looking at innovative ways to reduce energy use across the HS1 portfolio such as regenerative breaking on rolling stock. We will work with our partners to identify and implement energy efficiency measures across our estate and build upon the work that we have already done, such as upgrading to more efficient LED lighting, updating air handling units and optimisation to boiler and building management system (BMS).

To support this, we will look to develop standards which will be applied to those working on our infrastructure where applicable, outlining principles of energy minimisation in construction, operation and maintenance. In doing so we will embed energy efficiency and granular monitoring requirements into all future estate refurbishment projects, which will allow us to better understand our energy use through monitoring and enabling us to develop more robust energy reduction plans.

HS1 Ltd is Achilles Carbon Reduce Certified